company profile

On 23rd April 2001 the company Shimro Musikinstrumente GmbH was founded as a 100 % subsidiary company of Shimro Musical Instruments Corporation Ltd., South Korea.

Owner of the company is Mr. Jae Yup Shim from Seoul, South Korea.

After the International Musikmesse in Frankfurt in March 2001 the first contact to the major of town Markneukirchen Mr. Hoyer was made.

Only about the unbureaucratic help through the people of town Markneukirchen and officers from the Landratsamt of the district Vogtlandkreis it was possible that the lay the foundation of the company building could be done already in May 2001.

After a really very short construction time of only 7 month, the production of bow string instruments could start already in December 2001.

The production of bow string instruments means violins, violas, celli and double bass.

The Shimro Musikinstrumente Gmbh produce their instruments for students under the brand name of "Karl Heinlich", made in Germany in a good price quality range.

The workers partly have been manufacturing instruments for about 25years and will bring their knowledge and experience in the quality of the instruments.

On the important music fairs in Los Angeles, USA and in Frankfurt/ Main Shimro GmbH represent all year their instruments.

Instruments from Shimro Gmbh will be export to 90%. The main export countries are USA, Japan, Korea, Kanada, Thailand und Taiwan.

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